“This marketing campaign yielded a THREE TIMES
higher response than any previous campaign.”


Leads double and sales increase
by 50% when this commercial runs.


The best marketing makes you FEEL something.

Do you suddenly feel hungry?


When you want extraordinary marketing results, hire a creative genius — literally — to develop compelling strategies and campaigns.

The Right Strategy • The Right Media • The Right Messaging

The biggest benefit to you is, how we thoroughly analyze your company, target market and competitors then generate a detailed marketing profile specifically tailored to you and your market. A comprehensive strategy is developed to achieve long, medium and short term marketing goals.

Hit Your Audience in the Gut

Emotional buyers make the best buyers. Our proven techniques determine the optimal vehicles to put you in front of the widest, most responsive audience. Powerful messaging is then crafted to strike your audience at a gut level across all media…communicating in ways which elicit an unusually high response.

Our clients frequently remark about how thoroughly we come to understand their business, its offerings and their client base no matter how sophisticated or complex.

You Only Have 6, 5, 4… Seconds to Get and Keep Their Interest!

Key Advertising takes advantage of the 6 seconds you have to grab someone’s attention and locks them into an irresistible need to contact you. All media is weighed for strategic value and rated for how it will perform both immediately and down the road.

Whether you are using email, web sites, television, print media, loyalty programs or any other form of marketing…it all carries messages. Key Advertising creates messages, materials and a comprehensive marketing structure which frequently generates…

 The highest response our company’s ever had!

Founded in 1990 by Alon Feder, Key Advertising has served over 200 brands, including industry giants who’ve been amazed at the results. Hundreds of millions in added revenue have been generated for our clients. To find out how we can immediately increase your bottom line, contact us today.

They have the ability to listen to a very technical discussion of information and glean the essence of the marketing message to be delivered. Their graphics capabilities are creative and outstanding…Highly recommend.

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Gary Skipper

Executive VP, Teledyne (Isco Division)

We received a tremendous response from the public after the showcase and we are already booking new events. I’m very happy with the progress of our new marketing campaign…

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Erik Stover

General Manager, Qualcomm (Chargers) Stadium

The ad campaign was incredibly effective and produced measurable results…we have had increased response and interactions…Personally, I enjoy working with Key Advertising…

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Lori Rodenbeck

Executive Coordinator, Lee & Associates


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