Alon Feder is a master marketing strategist who has served over 200 brands, including British Airways, Ray-Ban, Teledyne, Lee & Associates, PPG Paint, OAG Travel Information Systems, University of California San Diego, and San Diego Chargers Stadium. With over 30 successful years of executive B2B and B2C experience, across a diverse array of industries, Alon builds high-performance, cross-functional teams to achieve unusually high ROI through a sophisticated array of inventive marketing techniques.

His diverse set of brand-strengthening skills drive multi-channel campaign development in digital and traditional media, including: Sales messaging and support, business development, advanced analytics, web (SEO, SEM, social media, email, remarketing, banner/lightbox ads, opt-in lead gathering, site development – design, content), heavy print experience, trade shows, environmental, television, radio (traditional and digital), and guerrilla marketing.

Currently Alon leads the Tiger Schulmann’s marketing department, the world’s largest martial arts training organization in the boutique fitness niche. During his first 9 months (in a crippled economy), Alon increased the client-base by 47% and gross sales by 28%. He wrote and directed an award-winning commercial which tripled leads. For MGD Technologies, Alon created the brand and drove all marketing efforts as they rocketed into the #1 position in the municipal flow-monitoring segment, with 47% average annual growth until absorbed in a lucrative corporate buyout. In a B2B campaign for Teledyne-ISCO, Alon netted the highest response of any campaign in the division’s 50-year history.

Alon received his BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley and literally brings a genius IQ to the table when inventively broadening a brand’s reach into new and existing markets. Alon Feder seeks a company with sophisticated marketing challenges where he can apply himself and be recognized for creatively achieving extraordinary success.