OAG Travel Information Systems
Digitized Conversion Campaign

OAG Travel Information Systems is the world’s leading corporate travel planning system. Traditionally, OAG had been using a 3-4 inch thick book, released every month. It included every global and most domestic airlines and their schedules in order for corporate travel planners to arrange business travel. To save costs, OAG converted to a CD system and chose to promote it to their customer base of 250,000.

An extra-large, 4-panel brochure was developed along with a return mail piece and direct-mailed to each of its 250,000 customers. That’s a lot of mail!

The brochure folded down to a standard letter format from a whopping 17x22 when fully opened.

  • Best of all, OAG reported that this brochure had the highest response in the history of the company. The second best response was only 1/3 of this one, making this brochure’s success rate = 3-times higher than their next most successful campaign.